About the ‘Nest

Fresh from the Nest is an advice blog written by an individual who disclaims from having any professional capacity to give that advice (unless otherwise noted). The jokes are bad, but the advice is good (fingers crossed), and the journey is ever-evolving.

As the name implies, Fresh from the Nest is primarily written for those who are just starting out on their own, and tends to assume these “fledglings” are young, single, open-minded, inexperienced, and/or reasonably capable of following instruction. The target audience is a cliché, rather than an actuality: 20-something recent US college grads from a middle-class upbringing who are emotionally ready to take on the world but largely unprepared for what that means in practical terms.

Even if that doesn’t describe you to a T, that doesn’t mean this blog isn’t for you. Unless you know everything already. (If you do know everything already, why are you here? Go back to your own damn blog, Martha Stewart!)

About the Author

As the youngest of eight children, Kat grew up in a lowest-possible-edge-of-middle-class household with two “mom” figures: her home economics champion mother and her fifteen-years-elder self-taught-almost-everything sister. Lucky enough to have a loving father around with a garage full of tools and some DIY know-how, she also has some older brothers who are pretty handy themselves when they aren’t being massive pests.

In that environment, she learned a lot of useful things that many young people have to learn “the hard way” the first time they strike out on their own. While a non-traditional student with two much younger roommates, Kat decided to start a blog to share her wisdom, common sense, logic, practical experience, good old-fashioned know-how, and bizarre sense of humor.

Welcome to the world, fledglings.

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