Leaving the Nest, Part 3: The Search Continues

While I certainly understand the instinct to jump on the first offer that comes your way, unless your circumstances are dire (and if you’re still in the nest, they probably aren’t that dire), a little discretion is advised. The “right” employer may also be looking for the “right” candidate, and they may not be in a hurry to fill the position. Plus, you don’t want to commit to a job in another city, pack up your belongings, sign a lease, and start work… only to end up hating what you do and/or where you live.

Let’s face it: there’s always a chance that could happen anyway. However, if you take your time and do a little homework (you thought that stopped after graduation?), you can lessen your risks a little. With each new job listing that comes your way, try to find out what you can about the employer, the position, and if it’s even worth your time to apply.


And you thought you finished doing research when the last term paper was submitted. Ha!
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Leaving the Nest, Part 2: Preparing for the Job Search

Volumes have been written on job searches, all of them no doubt more thorough and nuanced than my approach could possibly be. As with almost any topic I’ll share with you, my darling fledglings, I’m no expert. But for the last two years of radio silence, I’ve been happily employed at a job I enjoy, so perhaps my views aren’t without merit.

Job hunting today is both easier and more difficult than at any time in history, and that’s ignoring whatever state the economy finds itself in at the particular moment you start your search. The internet has, of course, made finding jobs considerably easier, but by the same token, has made getting jobs much more difficult. If you can find the job posting with a simple Google search, so can hundreds—if not thousands—of other applicants.

Obviously, before you begin your search, a little legwork is required. Figuring out how much you need to make is one step, but you also need to get YOU ready.

Well, yes, owning good interview clothes is part of getting you ready. Shush, now. Source: pexels.com

Well, yes, owning good interview clothes is part of getting you ready. Shush, now.
Source: pexels.com

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